Crime in the City

For decades crime has been rife within the city making Torn one of the least popular tourist destinations in the world. Since the late 20th century the civilians of Torn have made the city hell on earth.

Walking through town is a nightmare, and it is said many don’t venture on to the cities mean streets at all. This fear factor has been brought on by the cities unrivalled gang warfare, the way these ‘factions’ and individuals fight so relentlessly has caused havoc, and is the cities number one security issue.

Currently without military action and running the risk of hurting innocent civilians the city has no response to the crime on the streets, the firepower held by the factions is immense, with illegal guns being bought into the city from abroad, the city mayor has no hope of being able to combat the problem at hand.

Although violence sees no end in the city, this is not the only problem that’s arisen from the aristocratic hypocrisy that used to be in power. Drug abuse and trafficking poses a threat none the less, with hundreds of kilograms of cocaine, heroin, and marijuana dealt every day.

September 29th 2006, saw a huge raid of illegal substances from an inner city slum, with a total street value of $TC 500million, unfortunately in the brutal process during the raid, 3 Police Officers and 8 civilians were killed in crossfire.

After this, the faction responsible for the drugs retaliated by detonating a bomb at the Torn City Police HQ, killing a further 26 police officers and injuring a further 32.

It has come as no surprise that this didn’t slow down any drug trafficking and abusing; it became harder to track down. The drug movement became a covert action between the cities felons, and bent police officers. Trends were changed every day; only the best men were used and ‘on street’ sales were ceased.

With the new security involved, the risk of being caught became at a lesser. People began buying more drugs and becoming more adventurous, by now some were using them for health benefits to train in the gym, to increase aggression and to relieve pain other than just for recreational use. The increase in drug users, bought in, to no surprise more profit for the factions.

More money meant a few things; it afforded the factions greater fire power, knowledge, more materials, the ability to expand further a field. However, hand in hand with money came greed, arrogance a need to be the best.

Early morning, Monday 3rd March 2008 the city was brought to a standstill. A feud between factions; Hells Angels and Devastation had become as apparent as ever before. The Hells Angels vendetta on Devastation had forced them to use the worlds first ever dirty bomb. It was detonated on the doorstep of the Devastation headquarters, leaving all members of the faction seriously ill, and injuring many thousands of other civilians. News of the disaster shook the world for months, it was even stated “The biggest attack on US soil since 9/11″ even though far fewer people lost their lives.

This arguably ruptured the future of the City, where would this lead? What could possibly happen next?

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